My name is Briella, and I am one lucky woman.

I didn’t just hit the lottery, come into an inheritance, or receive that letter from the long-lost, rich (and imaginary) relation I’ve been waiting for since I was eight years old. Chance has not been especially kind to my net worth and, after years of passively waiting for my life to become spontaneously fabulous, I’ve resigned myself to earning my riches–both monetary and otherwise–the slow, old-fashioned way.

But that’s where my luck comes in.

Despite having little to boast of in the coffers I keep at the local credit union, I have been blessed with a tidy fortune to tide me over until I do. Among my riches I count all of the following:

  • A kind and considerate husband with a wicked sense of humor,
  • a rescue cane corso with a sweeter temper than any dog you’ve ever met,
  • an inventive imagination to keep us all entertained, and
  • wonderful friends and family to keep us in good company when we need someone to share our adventures with!

Together, we’re living the bella vita and loving every minute of it. What’s more: I would be willing to bet any one of my above riches that you, my new friend, are in possession of a similar fortune, even if you don’t know it yet. Not so sure? I am–I am certain that with a little creativity and a pinch of can-do attitude, you can live the good life with us. Tag along for our adventures, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for making the most of the your riches, too!

Affectionately yours,



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